Sunday, October 2, 2016

Family Guy: The Hauntening Event Concept and Vector Art

The theme for this October event District was 'Haunted Hotel'. Our inspiration was the board game 'Clue'. I have played this game a LOT and loved the movie, what could be better than a murder mystery game on a dark, stormy night?

A player would progress by moving through the hotel's interior space, investigating clues in each room as they unlock every week. This event District is different from our usual because it exists on an alternate playspace. A player could access this other space by clicking on a spooky path through the woods which appears while the event is active. The fun thing about working on an alternate playspace for me is that I can change the colors of things like the grass and tree tiles which we usually never alter. This allows for darker, night lighting which helps create a scarier feel and lets me play with light spilling out of the windows.

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